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Classroom Activities


To measure and demonstrate student application of essential knowledge about STDs, hepatitis and HIV to life situations.


Primary Activity

Extended Response Questions:

Use the extended response questions on STDs, hepatitis and HIV contained in the link below as a culminating activity. One way of using the questions is to divide the class into pairs, triads or cooperative groups and have the students write a response to one of the questions. As an additional activity, have students report out their responses to the class.

Secondary Activities

Jeopardy Game:

Create Jeopardy questions from fact sheet web links provided on the STD, hepatitis and HIV pages. Divide the class into two or more teams. Follow Jeopardy game rules. This game might be best used as a culminating activity.

True, False & Unsure:

Create true and false questions from the fact sheet web links provided on the STD, hepatitis and HIV pages. Print out True, False and Unsure signs from the link below and place them on the walls of your classroom. Read the questions aloud, then ask students to stand under the sign that best represents what they think is the correct answer. Discuss their answers and provide correct information.

An alternative to standing under the signs would be to use hand signals when responding to the True/False questions.

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