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Program Collaborators


Connecticut State Department of Public Health


Connecticut State Department  of Education

Community Partners in Action


Concerned Citizens for Humanity

the power to visualize change

TMWYS online Development Team 2017

Darrell Decker, Executive Director (retired)
Concerned Citizens for Humanity, Ltd.
Bonnie Edmondson, Ed. D., Education Consultant
Comprehensive School Health Education
State Department of Education
Heidi Jenkins, Section Chief
Department of Public Health
Susan Major, HIV/AIDS Program Associate
Department of Public Health
Andrea Lombard, RN, BSN, MPH, CIC, Epidemiologist, Hepatitis Program Coordinator
Department of Public Health
James Horton,  Education Consultant
Magda Skomal, Executive Director
Interactive Educational Theatre, Inc., the Stop AIDS Mobile Theatre
and TMWYS web design.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to  Gina D'Angelo, Health Program Associate, CT Department of Public Health, Michael Salius, Salius Communications, Jim Mattingly, Mattingly Graphics for Video Production, Sue Patria, East Hartford High School health educator (retired), Jeffrey Greene, Project Manager of the CT Prison Arts Program, Maggie Tieman, Jim Barone and Jason Henry, Health Educators from Lewis Mills High School and AI Prince Tech. for their dedication in helping develop and initiate the original TMWYS program.


Also, special thanks to the many health educators, their students, health professionals, graphic designers, copywriters, mural artists and poetry contributors who have given their time, passion and creativity to the development of the original Tell Me What You See (TMWYS) initiative since 2006.

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